Newsletter 135 - April 2021

Dear Members

We have recently enjoyed a bit of wonderful sunshine and blue skies, and there are definite signs of spring in our gardens with snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils popping up and adding brightness and colour to our lives. In my garden the birds are singing away and cavorting around, and it seems that love is in the air. I have cleared out my nesting boxes ready for the next intake, and they are being duly inspected. Nobody has moved in yet, but it is a bit early perhaps.

We enjoyed an excellent talk on Japanese Gardens from Nancy Stevens at our February Zoom meeting. She showed some excellent slides and also explained the basics of Japanese garden techniques such as ‘sculpting’ the trees into desired shapes and propping up old pines with wooden supports to keep them going, and wrapping trees with cloth and straw bandages to stop the pests from wintering in the bark and attacking and destroying the branches. It was a highly informative and enjoyable talk. had 76 linked to the live talk on the night and to date we have had 79 views of the recording. read on by clicking this link: April21.Newsletter135.Final

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