The Club has retained 70 books which will be displayed for consultation and loan at meetings. The full list is shown below. Thirteen books have been donated to Colinton Public Library on Thorburn Road and these will be available under the library’s normal lending regulations.


  • Very Best of BBC TV Gardens – Gardeners’ World
  • Around The World in 80 Gardens (4 discs) – Monty Don


Author Title
BAKER, Harry Fruit – RHS Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening
BATH, T & JONES, Joy Hardy Geraniums. Gardeners Guide Series 1994
BBC + Matthew Biggs etc Gardeners’ Question Time Plant Chooser
BIRD, R and BROWN, K Annuals, Bulbs and Perennials
BIRD, Richard Companion Planting 1990
BIRD, Richard The Border Planner
BIRD, Richard Glorious Climbers
BLACK, Penny Dried Flowers 1990
BLACKMORE, Stephen Wild Flowers 1992
BRICKELL, C Pruning 1996
BRYANT, Geoff Plant Propagation A – Z
CHAN, Peter Create your own Bonsai, 1989
CHATTO, Beth Beth Chatto’s Damp Garden
CHERFAS & FANTON The Seed Sowers Handbook 1996
COLBORN, Nigel Great Plants for Small Gardens 1997
COURTIER, Jane Herbs
COX, Kenneth Rhododendrons and Azaleas, A Colour Guide
CROCKET, James Foliage Houseplants 1977
DAVID, Stuart Shrubs & Small Trees 1985
DONALDSON, Stephanie 50 Glorious Hanging Baskets
DONALDSON, Stephanie The Complete Guide to Container Gardening
EVISON, Raymond J Clematis. Gardeners Guide Series
FERGUSON, Nicola Right Plant, Right Place 1986
FLAWN, L N Vegetable Growing for Health and Flavour 1974
GARLAND, Sarah The Herb Garden 1989
GORER, Richard Vegetable Growing for Health and Flavour 1974
GREENWOOD, Pippa The New Gardener
GREENWOOD, Pippa RHS Pests & Diseases 1997
GRENFELL, Diana Daylilies. Gardeners Guide Series 1999
GRENFELL, Diana Hostas. Gardeners Guide Series 1996
HAMILTON, Geoff Cottage Gardens
HAMILTON, Geoff Paradise Garden
HAMILTON, Geoff Pactical Gardening Course 1993
HESSAYON, Dr D G The Easy-Care Gardening Expert
HESSAYON, Dr D G The Bulb Expert 1995
HESSAYON, Dr D G The Flower Expert
HESSAYON, Dr D G The Container Expert
HESSAYON, Dr D G The Lawn Expert
HESSAYON, Dr D G The New Rose Expert 1996
JUNKER, Karen Gardening With Woodland Plants 2007
KESSEL, Mervyn S Rhododendrons & Azaleas
LLOYD, Christopher Succession Planting for Adventurous Gardeners
MITCHELL & JOBLING Decorative Trees for Country, Town & Garden
NICHOLSON & BRIGHTMAN Oxford Books of Flowerless Plants
PAGE, Martin Paeonies. Gardeners Guide Series 1997
PHILIPS & RICKS Conservatory and Indoor Plants Vol 1
PICTON, Paul Asters. Gardeners Guide Series 1999
POLLOCK & GRIFFITHS RHS Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening 2005
PRATT & JEFFERSON-BROWN Fritillarias. Gardeners Guide Series 1997
RAVEN, Sarah Grow Your Own Cut Flowers 2006
READERS DIGEST Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants and Flowers 1985
RHS Encyclopaedia of Perennials 2006
RHS Plant Finder 2009
RICE & STRANGMAN Hellebores. Gardeners Guide Series 1995
RICE & TITCHMARSH Pruning & Pest Control 1983
ROSE, Peter Ivies. Gardeners Guide Series
RUSSELL, Vivian Planting Schemes from Monet’s Garden
SCHNEEBELI-MORRELL The Outdoor Garden Room 2001
SMIT, Tim Eden 2001
STEBBINGS, Geoff Irises. Gardeners Guide Series 1997
SUTTON, John Salvias. Gardeners Guide Series 1999
TOOGOOD, Alan RHS Wisley Experts Gardeners’ Advice
TRUSCOTT, James Private Gardens of Scotland
WAITE, Ray Container Gardening, RHS Encyclopaedia 1992
WALLS, Ian The Complete Book of the Greenhouse 1996
WELLAND, F Place that Plant
WHICH Pests & Diseases 1991
WILES, Richard Gardening Structures RHS 1993
WILSON, Matthew How to Garden in a Changing Climate (RHS)