Implements are loaned by Colinton Garden Club subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Borrower acknowledges that he / she has been offered and has received training in the use of the Equipment and has been fully advised as to all appropriate safety instructions.
  2. The Borrower undertakes to use the Equipment exclusively for his / her own use in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and for the purposes for which it has been designed.
  3. The Borrower accepts that he / she shall be solely responsible for any damage, injury, death or otherwise in relation to the use or otherwise of the Equipment during the period from the date of signing until the Equipment is returned in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to indemnify CGC in respect of any claims, costs, liability, damages, expenses or otherwise arising in relation thereto.
  4. The Borrower undertakes to return the Equipment promptly on the date as agreed at the time of taking over the Equipment, and in the same condition as it was made available to the Borrower, cleaned and in full working order (fair wear and tear excepted) to the Colinton Garden Club Implements Officer from whom the equipment was originally obtained.